Art of the Raise

All Claim To Know What One Is.
Many Claim To Have One.

But None Have Any Clue How They Are Structured…

Learn the closely guarded secrets used on Wall Street and control your market with access to bottomless capital…

With the same mythical allure used to describe Area 51 in the Nevada Desert, the term “Fund” is perhaps the most over-used and misunderstood term in the real estate investing space.

With banks not lending and no inventory of housing to be found, you need to be a little savvier these days if you want to hit the proverbial “home run”.

Let other folks do the heavy lifting, while you get paid handsomely for it…

Inside this FREE ground-breaking special 29 page report, Wall Street Fund Manager and arbitrage expert Robb Krautbauer reveals:

The Art of the Rise
  • The types of fund structures that are out there. (Yes, there are many)

  • What “calling the capital” means

  • How to relate and sell to your investors your funds

  • Those sexy “cocktail terms” real players use so you look smarter than you actually are in front of big money investors, such as “promotes”, “clawbacks”, “pref” and others

  • How to start one today

and much, much more…

100% Free. No Gimmicks.

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The Art of the Rise

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